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We are a company based in Stevenage
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for home, soho, sme & enterprise.

we supply IT. we install IT. we support IT.

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Unit D - Mindenhall Court - 17a High St
Stevenage - Hertfordshire - SG13UN

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Home / computer repair / apple mac repair / mac pro repair


we provide repair, servicing, cleaning
and upgrade
services for apple
mac pro.

The Professionals Choice.

some other IT support companies get us to do their repair work.

certified in computer hardware support.

certified in computer software support.

custom built anti-static workshop.

specialist anti-static computer tools.

specialist manufacturer testing software.

specialist software based repair tools.

only best quality genuine parts.

24/7 - 365 opening hours (subject to availability).

collect and return (subject to availability).

engineers available on onsite callout (subject to availability).

web best prices on parts.

hourly + set fees providing the customer exceptional value for money.

we deliver:

Priority on turnaround.
We will work through the night and weekends.

Undercharging + huge discounts given.
We often end up doing a lot more than what we charge for.

First class customer service.
We see customers in and out of the door and unload/load their vehicles.

we provide

Troubleshooting of Apple Mac pro hardware faults.

We carry out Apple Mac pro hardware fault diagnosis to diagnose any hardware issues a mac pro may have which may be stoping a machine from working correctly.

Troubleshooting of Apple Mac pro Software faults.

We carry out Apple Mac pro software fault diagnosis to diagnose any software issues a mac pro may have which may be stoping a machine from working correctly.

We make sure customers computers are 100% safe for online banking.

"we've repaired computers for home customers through
to 20,000,000+
turnover companies".

Apple Mac pro hardware replacement.

Replacement of any faulty hardware part for Apple mac pro (subject to availability).

  • failed logic board.
  • failed graphics cards.
  • failed hard disk.
  • failed memory.
  • failed power supply.
  • failed hard disk.
  • broken optical drives including dvd-rw and blu-ray.
  • broken network socket.

Apple Mac pro hardware upgrade.

We can provide any possible upgrades for mac pro with the most common being new larger hard disks.

  • mac pro larger hard disk upgrade
  • mac pro ssd upgrade
  • mac pro ram upgrade
  • mac pro graphics card upgrade

Mac pro OSX Software repair

We fix software issues involving core system files or programs which may be stoping a machine from working correctly.

  • corrupt filesystem repair.
  • recovery and reinstallation.
  • exFAT, HFS, HFS+.
  • spyware and malware removal and damage repair.
  • worm removal and damage repair.
  • trojan horse removal and damage repair.
  • virus removal removal and damage repair.
  • keylogger removal and damage repair.
  • bitcoin mining trojan removal and damage repair.
  • ransomware removal and damage repair.
  • Disk utility can't repair this disk. Back up as many of your files as possible, reformat the disk, and restore your backed up files.

Data Services:

we carry out every kind of task related to working with data stored on a device.

  • Data Recovery.
  • Data Erasure.
  • Data Transfer.
  • Data Backup.

Disk Services:

we carry out every kind of task working with data storage mediums in computers including hard disks, ssd's and compact flash drives etc.

  • Partition hard disk.
  • Resize hard disk partition.
  • Delete hard disk partition.
  • Format hard disk.
  • Hard disk cloning - copy your whole computer as is and move it onto a bigger hard disk.
  • Hard disk health diagnostic.

Cool computer stuff:

  • We can make your computer boot faster.
  • We can make your computer faster in general.
  • We can add more storage space.

symptoms your apple mac maybe showing and general apple mac faults we can repair:

  • no power.
  • battery not charging.
  • trackpad not working.
  • non booting.
  • blank screen.
  • grey screen.
  • stuck on apple logo.
  • low storage space or run out of storage space.

  • crashing / rebooting.
  • freezing.
  • slow.
  • overheating.
  • clicking sounds coming from computer.
  • cant repair filesystem.
  • pop-ups.
  • hijacked desktop.
  • Disk utility can't repair this disk. Back up as many of your files as possible, reformat the disk, and restore your backed up files.

examples of apple macs we have repaired:


replaced faulty graphics card in mac pro.


powermac G5 tower.

installed pair of 500GB hard disks in powermac G5 hard disk upgrade.

took apart powermac G5 to clean heatsink.


older and newer imacs.

installation of airport express card in imac.

cloned imac hard disk.

imac hard disk upgrade from 500GB to 1TB.

installation of OSX on imac.


Macbook core duo 2006.

backed up data from macbook to an external hard disk.

took apart macbook to remove hard disk.

cloned macbook hard disk.

health diagnostic on faulty macbook hard disk.

installed replacement hard disk in macbook.

removed macbook fan and heatsink for cleaning.

reseated macbook heatsink with new thermal paste.

put macbook case back together.

installed OSX on macbook.

copied backup data back to macbook.


Macbook pro A1297.

replacement of failed hard disk in macbook pro.

installation of OSX on macbook pro.

repaired corrupt OSX filesystem on macbook pro which was causing the machine to be slow to respond and also caused data loss.

Data recovery from macbook pro.


macbook pro retina 2013.

fitted replacement trackpad in macbook pro retina 2013.


ibook G4.

installation of OSX on ibook G4.

upgrade of ram for ibook G4.


powerbook G4 laptop.

repaired faulty dc-in jack in Apple powerbook G4.

New power block for powerbook G4.


disasembled mac mini server and cleaned inside.

took apart mac mini server and upgraded hard disk.

Images of apple macs we have repaired:

Our Mac Repair Process.


We are a professional apple mac repair company based in stevenage high street.

We provide apple mac repair for home and business customers in stevenage, hitchin, letchworth, baldock, weston, graveley, welwyn garden city, knebworth, arlesey, stotfold and villages in the north herts area into south bedfordshire and also around London.

We are a limited company and we have an office in stevenage where customers come to us to have their macs repaired located just off stevenage old town high street between the old town bar and stevenage chiropractic clinic and behind austins and the old town dentist.

Our workshop is fully anti-static and specially tailored for computer hardware maintenance.


We provide a full free over the phone quote for 99% of repairs.

You simply need to tell us the make and model/problem, we can then lookup availability of part/s if needed and we will give you a price rite away.
then if we can get the part/s or do the work you just need to book an appointment for us to do the repair.

Obviously we are relying on your description being accurate.

If we can't gather what is wrong from your description you will need to bring the machine in for us to diagnose.


Diagnosis is included free as part of the final repair cost in your bill however if after we have spent time diagnosing your machine you decide that you do not want your computer repairing then there is a charge of just 1 hours staff labour - 50.00 - regardless of how many hours we spend diagnosing your machine.

99% of repairs are either a set fee or 1 hours labour with diagnosis included in that FOC.

By the nature of the beast diagnosis is normally anything upto 100% of the actual repair anyway, so were actually fixing at the same time as diagnosising, ie diagnosis results in repair as part of the same action, you can consider that in most cases diagnosis and repair are the same procedure and not separate which can be time comsuming unless a repair is obvious such as a broken screen

During this time we may need to order parts to carry out our work.

We will offer a quote confirming any costs for your approval and consult you before we order any part/s to commence repair of your machine/s.

You will need to pay for parts needed to fix your computer or supply them yourself.


We provide the best value for money computer repair service.

99% of work we do is either for a set fee or a 1 hour labour cost.

We often do a lot more than an hours work and only charge for 1 hour, for example reinstalling windows with updates can take 3 hours plus, but we charge a cheaper set fee not an hourly rate, therefore passing on huge savings to the customer on a budget.

It is rare that we make a charge of more than 1 hour for labour.

All costs for parts and labour are set with the customer before we start work.


Customers need to book an appointment with us by telephone on 01438300132. We maybe able to see you immediately or you can book a later date.

we are available 24/7 - 365 (subject to availabilty) and you can set a time with us that is suitable for yourself including evenings, weekends, bank holidays, 2am in the morning etc.

*If you fail to turn up to an appointment that has been pre booked for a later date, ie 24 hours/next day onwards - you will be charged a missed appointment fee of 30.00 unless you cancel in advance or re-arrange another appointment date for the same work.


We can collect and return machines locally within 20 minutes drive (subject to availability).

we charge a callout fee of 0.50 per mile for car journeys in both directions as a journey is.

If upon arriving to collect your machine and you have changed your mind etc without cancelling before we leave you will be charged a fee of 40.00 plus travel.

This maybe a much slower process than if you bring your machine to us directly due to commitments with existing customers so we prefer for you to bring your machine straight to our office.


If possible our engineers can carry out onsite data recovery. Onsite data recovery is charged at 50.00 per engineer, per hour, for the whole hour, plus travel.

Within 20 minutes drive from our office in stevenage in north herts and into southern bedfordshire, we cover hitchin, letchworth, little wymondley, st ippolytes, weston, graveley, aston, digswell, welwyn garden city, hatfield, hertford, potters bar, baldock, arlesey, knebworth, henlow, shefford, amwell, stansted abbotts, hoddeston. We charge a callout fee of 0.50 per mile for car journeys in both directions as a journey is.

From any train station in the UK or anywhere in London on the underground such as holborn, knightsbridge, bond street, oxford street, regent street, green park, mayfair, covent garden, loughton, debden, croxley etc.

We charge a callout fee of the trainfare we paid plus any other services used such as taxi etc, eg anywhere on the london underground such as knightsbridge or croxley or loughton would be a one day travelcard plus a taxi fee for more than a 10 minute walk.

If upon arriving and you have changed your mind etc without cancelling before we leave you will be charged a fee of 40.00 per hour it has taken to travel plus the cost of travel.


You can send your machine at your own risk by courier or mail order.
We will return by the same method you used.


We have an office in Stevenage, we are located in a courtyard called mindenhall court which is just off stevenage old town high street behind the old town dentist, austins the undertakers and the old town bar which is next to the stevenage chiropractic clinic, just after the cromwell ramada hotel.

We are at the far end of the high street heading towards hitchin.

We are near Tesco express on the opposite side of the road to the right of the cromwell ramada as you face tesco.

Access to our office is via stevenage high street or walkern road.

ON FOOT - Walking along the high street you go past the cromwell ramada on your right, tesco express is on the other side of the road on your left, you keep going past a zebra crossing then you come to a road with trees along the middle and a mini roundabout on the left and the old town dentist is facing you ahead and to the right, you cross the road and continue past the old town dentist, next is austins the undertakers, next is the old town bar then there is a cut-through into our courtyard and we are the first on the right in the same building as stevenage podiatry.

Our office is about a 10 minute walk fom stevenage train station or 1 min from the nearest bus stop in the high street.


There is free parking available in our courtyard but can be busy weekdays as there are several other businesses, also parking is available on the high street in front of Digital Depot or ask restuarant (recommended option) which is 30 seconds up the high street from us, there is also limited parking outside the old town bar.

DRIVING FROM SOUTH DIRECTION - coming from welwyn, knebworth etc you drive all the way along the high street past waitrose on the left then tesco express, till you get to the mini roundabout with the old town dentist to your front right side then turn right along walkern road, our entrance is about 30 yards from the high street on your left, you can park along walkern road, you can park in our courtyard or you can park just up the road a little more near to pump gym. The best place to park is on the high street just along from our building, to do so instead of turning right keep going straight on over the mini roundabout where there is a one way system going left and you follow it left then straight right towards hitchin, following the road back round to the end of the high street, come back down the high street you will see ask italian restaurant and digital depot on your left and parking outside either is the best place, then walk a few yards down on your left and we're between the chriopractic clinic and the old town bar.

DRIVING FROM NORTH DIRECTION - coming from hitchin, baldock etc come down the high street you will see ask italian restaurant and digital depot on your left and parking outside either is the best place, then walk a few yards down on your left and we're between the chriopractic clinic and the old town bar.


Flying Moth Ltd,
Unit D Mindenhall Court,
17a High St.

Click the address and it will bring it up on google maps.


Your computer is left as your deposit otherwise you are required to pay the full cost of any ordered parts and the 1 hour diagnosis fee in advance.

We are entitled to hold your computer until payment is received.


General work 50.00 ph.

99% of repairs are either a set fee or 1 hours labour.

We are very generous with our pricing and often do not charge the full per hour cost but a set fee or pre arranged fee.



Once all work is completed we will issue an invoice for payment which is your bill.

We can email a printable invoice to you.


We accept payment by BACS direct transfer or account to account transfer via your banks internet banking service.(Preferred)

We accept payment by direct transfer via walk-in to your branch.

We accept payment in cash. There is an additional surcharge of 2.50 per 100.00 if you pay by cash.

We do not accept credit cards.
We do not accept debit cards.
We do not accept cheques.
We do not accept cash paid in over the counter in branch unless pre arranged and there is a surcharge of 2.50 per 100.00.

All invoices are due for immediate payment as in any normal shop, we do not provide any credit options.

If you are paying by online transfer and you are collecting the machine which you use for online banking from us, we are happy for you to pay when you get home, however we may ask you to provide proof of id and proof of address.

If you are paying by direct transfer, we are happy for you to pay after you have left us, however we may ask you to provide proof of id and proof of address.

We are legally entitled to retain your property until you have paid.


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Working with computers and the cloud for home and business customers since 2006, we are a company based in Stevenage Hertfordshire providing IT services for home, soho, sme & enterprise.

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Unit D,
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