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Home / wed development
Colour, Texture and Depth create a visual impact.
We believe getting the colour and look of a piece of art correct is absolutly vital for it to be a success.

We can create any standard of graphic for you from simple to complex futuristic designs, all of our work is smart and stylish, focusing emphasis on getting the customer noticed. We Supply every kind of graphic needed , from web backgrounds, banners, buttons, and adverts through to marketing leaflets, letter heads, logos and custom works of art. If your looking for an all in one business solution, we could help you and your business create the right kind of impact.
Its not only possible to add graphics and text to web pages but sounds as well, we run two record labels and have full midi audio production equipment for creating music and speach for the web or presentations in any format including mp3 and wav etc. We can add anything from background music to sounds or thrases on buttons and web pages or maybe just a start-up tone when a page is loaded or links to audio presentations and speaches.
We provide cross platform testing and development of all code to provide a consistent appearance in the major most popular browsers including Internet Explorer, Safari, Firefox, Opera and Chrome.

Graphic Design Company

Graphic Design Company
graphic design for record label stevenage hertfordshire
Web Design Stevenage Herts image text only web pages from 25.00 in Stevenage GUI Design at Flying Moth Limited
logo brandings logo brandings
  • Web page design from 20.00 per page

  • Flash - Photoshop - Image Ready

  • web application flash navigation menu design

  • web + application buttons

  • Application Button sounds and audio samples for navigation menus

  • Application GUI Design

  • customer supplys all text or we can write text *for a price

  • we can invent Slogans + Marketing speak for advertising *for a price

  • web site updates

  • pictures and images added to web sites and web pages

  • web site source code editor - editing

  • web programming - web designer

  • Experience in - html xhtml css xml javascript perl bash php mysql actionscript vbscript windows batch C# java JSP

We can handle all your web design needs.

We cater for every area of web design and development.

Our company offers professional web design services, web application design and web development consultancy. We can provide you with anything you need to create or develop a web presence for you or your business.

We can create anything you may need from web page layouts, buttons, backgrounds, banners and logos to contact forms, email questionaires, surveys, adverts and custom business applications.

Each project is tailor made every step of the way, with us working closely alongside the customer with their ideas enabling us to meet exactly their need and ideals, featuring dedicated custom ad campaigns, marketing structures and product development. We will never use templates, meaning every site or application we design features 100% unique graphics.

We build for your target market.

get an edge in a competitive marketplace.

When we embark on a new project the customer is consulted about design and marketing every step of the way from the ground up. We start by sitting down with the customer and looking at how the current market is panning out, enabling us to design and build a solution that is going to be up-to-date, and get an edge in a competitive marketplace.

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100% Project managed structured marketing to hit your consumers.

an upfront and modern approach.

We provide a 100% project managed approach to design, breaking down the customers current target market and developing structured marketing schemes and custom ad campaigns with the customer, tieing in their current approach to advertising or helping them start from scratch, giving them in return, the most upfront and modern methods used to date to draw in consumers.

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Custom ad campaigns and Slogans.

catchy hooks and slogans that'll be remembered.

We can develop and add custom and catchy hook slogans to your advertising, helping to build your brand and create something the consumer will remember for the future.

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Guaranteed 100% genuine custom programming code.

we never use templates.

We custom design and handcode all our projects from scratch. We never use commercial web-site templates and with our custom graphics you can be sure you will get a 100% unique bespoke website. If your not looking for a full design project we can produce custom code for inclusion into your existing web project.

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Functionality in Process.

interactive and dynamic functionality in your pages.

A static web page may be simply text-only with possibly some graphical content, but functionality can be added to expand this design into a web application.We currently can provide email contact forms, questionaires and database storage to name but a few ideas, most functions and features of applications are custom built for a specific task or need.

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Database Storage.

data storage and retrival.

Database storage of information means that dynamic information can easliy be stored, retrived or updated when required by a page or application such as in the case of a web based telephone directory or customer database.

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All our sites have a basic level of optimisation.

our web pages are search engine ready from day one.

All of our web Sites and pages receive a basic search engine optimisation as standard, although as not in depth as our full optimisation services, you'll have basic keywords and metadata meaning your customers should be able to find you from day one.

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Our design process

When we embark on a new project we first arrange a meeting with the client where we will discuss their main requirements and objectives for their project. We will then proceed to analyse the clients current marketplace competition and formulate a structured plan for design and deployment of the clients project meeting a dedicated number of neccessary requirements including advertising and marketing. Once a plan is formulated we will put together design samples for the client to review. Upon further consultation and communication between us and the client we will formulate a final design. Once the final design has been reached we will look to either ourseleves or the client or both parties to work together to provide the neccessary information required to populate the sites pages. Upon completion of the website build the site is deployed hosted by us or a third party.

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Web buttons

We can design and incorporate a variety of different web button designs.

Click here to view our custom web button and animated Flash menu examples!

Website And business logo design

We can design and incorporate a variety of different web site and business logo designs.

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Flying Moth Ltd is a trusted provider of IT infrastructure installation and support services

Delivering first tier solutions for the desktop to the datacentre


Working with computers and the cloud for home and business customers since 2006, we are a company based in Stevenage Hertfordshire providing IT services for home, soho, sme & enterprise.

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